High Tides Sailing School X NEW YORK KNICKS

  1. Mission statement

  2. Values

  3. 2017/2018 Revenue

  4. Marketing Strategy

  5. Scale/Distribution Strategy

  6. Detailed plan for $30K prize money 

Mission Statement

High Tides Sailing School is uniquely designed to evaluate a new sailor and provide realistic guidelines to become a competent sailor in a private setting (1-3 students can sail at a time). High Tides Sailing School offers leisurely sails and on-the-water programs to new sailors. All of the programming offered benefit American veterans with my not-for-profit organization Veterans to Sailors which offers sport & therapeutic sailing opportunities designed for the physically challenged and non-physically challenged veterans, current members of the military along with their extended families.


High Tides Sailing School to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment with a students need as the primary focus.


Marketing Strategy

Currently networking within the startup business and sailing community along with word-of-mouth and automotive advertising.

Scale/Distribution Strategy

  • Incentivizing current students to invite their circles to sailing activities.

  • Attend sailing expos and events in New York.

  • Advertise the benefits of sailing on the LIRR Port Washington Line for locals.

  • Offer professionals corporate sailing events focusing on team work.

  • Optimize my SEO and advertise on Facebook and Goggle for people who have expressed interest in sailing.

Detailed Plan For $30K Prize Money

  • Hire the appropriate professionals in accounting, branding & marketing to prepare for the 2019 sailing season.

  • Pay for routine boat expenses such as mooring fees, maintenance and supplies.